(CBS) With a dogged determination to prove they’re the most tone-deaf sports franchise in the history sports, the Baltimore Ravens are continuing to dumbfound in the worst of ways.

The franchise that trotted out for a press conference the woman who was allegedly physically abused (the aftermath is on tape) by Ray Rice is now continuing its crusade to go out of its way to show how much its fans still love Ray Rice, who received a two-game suspension for his actions.

The latest: After Monday night’s practice, the Ravens posted to their website a story titled, “Ravens Fans Give Ray Rice Standing Ovation.”  It included a video of Rice getting his big ovation.

And it included this gem of a quote from a female fan (no word on how many female fans had to be interviewed before something nice was said about Rice):

“I have on number 27 to show the fans, and the world, that I am supportive of Ray Rice,” Jerra Byrd of Randallstown, Md., said in the article. “He has been forgiven by his wife. He is moving on with his life. He didn’t ask for the two-game suspension.”

Now would be an opportune time to note there should a difference between receiving forgiveness and a standing ovation.

This is either a troll job to the highest degree or the Ravens have some of the most short-sighted individuals ever working for their website and PR department. Maybe it’s both, but it needs to stop.

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