By Jim Williams

(CBS) –She survived a terrible ordeal two years ago and finished a grueling row-boat ride on Lake Michigan for breast cancer survivors.

Now, Jenn Gibbons is back with another endurance test for that important cause. CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports her new effort is on land.

The latest chapter in a young life marked by perseverance and candor will include a thousand mile bike ride along Lake Michigan. For Jenn Gibbons, it is the latest exhausting effort for others.

This time, it’s raising money for boathouses on the banks of the Chicago River in Bridgeport so breast cancer survivors can discover the therapeutic joys of rowing.

“I don’t have a personal connection to breast cancer but I used to work with survivors when I was in college and I was really inspired by what exercise could do for them,” Gibbons said.

Gibbons’ dedication was put to the ultimate test two years ago when was sexually assaulted during a boat trip by herself for breast cancer survivors. She completed the journey and talked openly about the terrible crime.

“I felt supported and I didn’t feel like it was going to be detrimental in any way to share what I had to share,” she said.

For the bike ride she’ll be joined by 30 supporters including interns Lily Papaleo and Owen Skelding.

“She’s given so much I want to help give back,” Skelding said.

A lesson by example.

“I’m fully aware of all the risks that we’re taking and fully aware of all the benefits that we will receive from having a great trip and this boat house will provide so much for so many,” Gibbons said.

Jenn Gibsons’ charity is called Bike 4 Row. If you’d like to make a contribution and chart her trip along Lake Michigan, visit

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