By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — The angry mom of the victim of a brutal murder is speaking out. She talked at the trial of Bethany McKee, one of four murder suspects in a horrific case.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker was in court for those closing arguments.
“My oldest son is gone,” said Nicole Jones, the mother of murder victim Eric Glover. “My son wouldn’t hurt nobody.”

Jones spoke outside the courthouse where the trial of Bethany Mckee entered its sixth day. McKee, along with three others, is accused of planning a robbery that lead to the strangulation murders of Jones’ son and his friend Terrance Rankins.

“Because she knew all along what was going to happen. For her to sit up there and say, ‘Oh, I don’t know it was just a joke’ no it wasn’t. She knew it was going to happen,” said Jones.

That was the crux of the prosecution’s argument that McKee was fully involved and suggested robbing Terrance. After the murders in the house on Hickory, prosecutors say Bethany had numerous opportunities to call police and she didn’t. Conclusion, “When she’s in for a penny. She’s in for a pound. And if she was in for the robbery, she was in for the homicide. That makes her guilty.”

“I don’t feel that murder has been proven at all,” said Bill McKee, Bethany’s father.

Bill McKee supports the arguments of the defense, that Bethany was not in the room when the men were killed. The defense told the judge that,”Terrance’s blood is on Massaro’s clothing. But there is no blood on Bethany’s. There’s no forensic of any sorts to link her to this crime.”

His only concession, she made a mistake by not contacting police.

“Did she make a mistakes? Absolutely. Did I make mistakes at 18 or 40? Absolutely, but not murder,” said Bill McKee.

McKee opted for a bench trail. However, the judge did not make a decision Tuesday.

He said he wanted to take some time to look over the case and based on the schedules of the attorney he set a date to announce the verdict at the end of the month.

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