(CBS) Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has some new hardware to add to his collection.

Never one to pass up a pick-up or recreational hockey game, Kane was named the MVP of the Fattey Hockey League championship game, according to the Fattey Hockey League insider Twitter account.

The FHL bills itself as Buffalo’s premier summer hockey league, and Kane’s been spending a lot of time this offseason there in his hometown. Kane was part of the title-wining Milli Vanilli squad that, judging by tweets, was a 6-2 winner against the Pet Shop Boys in the championship game Tuesday. Take away the Kane factor, and it was a mild upset of sorts, as Milli Vanilli tied for fourth in the regular season while the Pet Shop Boys finished in first.

Kane tied for 11th in the league with 14 goals, while teammate Vinny Scarsella — who played in the ECHL last season — led all players with 25 goals.

In an era in which there is debate over whether NBA stars risk too much injury in playing for their national teams, Kane (seemingly) rarely passes up a chance to play rec hockey in the offseason. He played in another league earlier this summer, too.

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