(CBS)When the four children were released by the hostage-takers in Harvey, it was one of the adult hostages who was allowed to escort them out – and then had to turn around and come back to the house.

That adult hostage is the aunt of Thomas West.

“She did what she could do. She stayed strong through the whole predicament. I’m actually proud of her because she actually is a hero,” West said.

West says his aunt told him she was glad to get the kids out. But at the same time she figured when she went back in” the house, she might not come out again.

He says his aunt told him she just kept praying.

West and his aunt and other family members have been out to the hospital where she was taken after the hostage ordeal ended.

He says his aunt is all right.

“She’s just really shaken up,” West says.

He says the family didn’t know either of the hostage-takers.

All eight of the hostages were taken to Ingalls Memorial Hospital and they have all been released.

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