By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — The festivities celebrating Jackie Robinson West will begin at their home park Wednesday morning, followed by a parade to Millennium Park, where Mayor Emanuel will be on hand with, possibly, thousands of the team’s new fans.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports barricades are up around Jackie Robinson Park to help map perhaps the longest parade route in Chicago’s history. A fourteen mile path – all for Jackie Robinson West little leaguers, the U.S. champions, who will be the focus of Wednesday’s city wide celebration.

“My kids I would be cool to see a bunch of kids their age be a part of something big and international,” said Trent McNamara

The parade starts at the team’s home field but meanders through a dozen city neighborhoods, including Bridgeport and folks at Morrie O’Malleys hot dog stand plan to be part of it.

“We might put some signage up and we are definitely going to be out in front and our customers can wait,” said Bob O’Malley.

At Dick’s Sporting Goods in the South Loop – the second batch of JRW T-shirts – all 7,000 of them at $20 a pop – sold out in less than five hours, much to the disappointment of those who got there late.

“I am not surprised, not at all,” said David Milton. “A ton of credit to the to the parents.”

The fever pitch excitement about these 11- and 12-year-old’s isn’t taken for granted by players and their families, many of whom made great sacrifices to keep their kids on the ballfield and off the streets.

“I love my parents a lot. They did everything for me. That’s why I’m here doing all this good stuff,” said Trey Hondras.

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