(CBS) –A coyote found him or herself in an unusual predicament Saturday night in Northwest Indiana–trapped between the inner and outer doors of a department store.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Officer Nicole Baumann says when she arrived, there were two Valparaiso police officers already there and they had left open one set of outer doors hoping the coyote would leave.

Instead, she says, “The coyote was kind of wedged in a corner, behind a garbage can just looking completely scared.”

Officer Baumann and the other two officers eventually found themselves in the same space as the coyote and moved around the garbage can and a bench until the coyote eventually sprinted out the door and to some nearby woods.

On Facebook, some people think an officer should have shot the coyote but the 9-year DNR officer says, “In no way would I have wanted to shoot that coyote,” unless it was acting aggressively towards her.

Others joked on Facebook the coyote was going to a rabbit coat sale at Kohl’s.

However it got there, Indiana Natural Resources Officer Nicole Baumann says the coyote was scared.

Officer Baumann does not believe the coyote will make that mistake again.

Valpo Coyote

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