CHICAGO (CBS) — Giordano’s is offering ‘Presidential Candidate Pizzas’ in celebration of the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.

Giordano’s announced Monday that guests can order special candidate-inspired pizzas on each day following the scheduled debates, starting Tuesday, Sept. 27 at the Jackson location in Downtown Chicago.

“The upcoming election is on everybody’s minds and we’re excited to give our guests an opportunity to show their support to their chosen candidate in a fun, unique way,” says Yorgo Koutsogiorgas, President and CEO of Giordano’s.

Two versions of the speciality pizza are available.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Pizza (Giordano's)

Hillary Clinton Pizza (Giordano’s)

Republican nominee Donald Trump:

Donald Trump Pizza (Giordano's)

Donald Trump Pizza (Giordano’s)

The pizzas are created by shaping grated-parmesan cheese into the face of the candidate, as a garnish atop a signature deep-dish pizza.

The first day of sale for these pizzas was Tuesday, Sept. 27 following Monday’s first presidential debate.

“The Presidential Election Pizzas sold very well on the first day they were available,” said Rebecca Smith, Giordano’s spokesperson, following the first day of sale. “Similar to the national polls, the popularity of the candidate’s pizzas were in a vitrual dead heat.”

The pizzas are only available on the days following the schedule debates, including Oct. 10, and Oct. 20, as well as on Election Day, Nov. 8.

Limited quantities are available each day. Giordano’s encouraged guests to order early.

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