CHICAGO (CBS) — A downstate public official who put her money on the Cardinals over the Cubs in 2016 paid up Friday in DuPage County.

Early in the season, Moultrie County Circuit Court Clerk Cindy Braden bet DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk Chris Kachiroubas the Cardinals would beat the Cubs for the National League Central title.

The Cubs ran away with the division, so Braden showed up in Wheaton on Friday to pay up and do Kachiroubas’ job for a day.

Braden showed up wearing a Cardinals jersey and cap and walked into what Kachiroubas described as a “sea of blue” at the weekly meeting with the 170 employees at the DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

“Chris hasn’t let me get behind his desk yet, but I hope that’s going to be coming up,” she said. “I told his staff to give me a wish list, that perhaps I would have a rubber stamp later, and that I would take care of some of those issues.”

Braden said she’s just glad the Cubs didn’t clinch the division in St. Louis, and she explained why she believes the Cardinals lost.

“They haven’t had such a good record when they play at home this year,” she said.

Kachiroubas had a different take.

“I’d like to say superior play from the North Side,” he said.

Even though the Cubs have led the division by at least 4.5 games since May, Kachiroubas said they gave him a scare a couple times.

“Like right around at the All-Star break, and things like that; I was a little nervous when we went 6-15,” he said.

Braden said she’s learning a lot about the way the DuPage County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office works. Even though he won, Kachiroubas said he plans to visit Moultrie County to see how Braden’s office operates.

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