By Vince Gerasole

CHICAGO (CBS) — Presidential elections bring opinions, parodies, and sometimes sweet treats. Chicago-area businesses have been using the 2016 Presidential Election as a way to boost sales since the Illinois primary back in March.

For one Evanston bakery though, the candidate-inspired treats did not start rolling out until August.

Bennison’s Bakery launched presidential candidate-inspired cookies last month and have been tallying sales ever since.

“We started on August 25 and we are creeping up on two thousand [cookies sold],” said Jory Downer, Bennison’s Bakery.

The cookies portray the faces of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in icing.

Politics usually make for a bitter match up, but not at Bennison’s – the taste of politics is sweet.

“The first lady in this morning cleaned us out of Clinton cookies,” Downer said. “She bought 25 Clinton cookies right at 6:01 a.m.”

Downer said they like to think they do equal parts, but they have made and sold more Clinton cookies. It is not a surprise though, as the area of Evanston is rather liberal.

Below shows the bakery’s tally progress, which they have periodically posted on Facebook.

The latest tally shows Clinton over Trump, 1103 to 799.

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