By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) – Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot from people who describe themselves as “lifelong” Cubs fans.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov takes a look at what it truly means to be born a Cubs fan.

The Northwest Side lawn and windows only hint at what’s inside.

Five-month-old Emily and her mother, Lynn Prindes, sit amidst a house full of Cubs colors, souvenirs and enthusiasm.

“I like to call it my Cubs habit,” Lynn says.

It started way before Emily’s birth last April. A full season-ticket holder since 2003, Lynn’s love of the Cubs is reflected everywhere, mostly in Emily’s room.

You could say she was born to be a Cubs fan. She already has attended 34 regular-season games and both home NLDS games in her 24 weeks of life. Her first game was at 1 month old.

Baby Emily and her mom will be attending the weekend’s NLCS games at Wrigley Field.

Lynn also has tickets to Game 3 and Game 5 of the World Series, if the Cubs get there this year.

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