By Audrina Bigos

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cubs are away in Los Angeles, but Chicago is keeping the lights on at home.

If the team was at home, there would be many vendors selling everything from T-shirts to hats and other items. And that includes small businesses making huge profits, CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports.

Tucked away in Humboldt Park, Jason Waldron is cranking out some custom woodwork as fast as he possibly can.

“All day, every day,” Waldron, of Waldron Bros. Woodworking, says, because opportunity knocks in October.

And his postseason success lies in a letter, one letter that electrifies the Cubs faithful.

It’s a win for him.

“I’m taking more than 10-15 orders a day,” Waldron says.

But he can only make five in a day’s work.

And for Page Free, it’s about early mornings and late nights, working at home to feed her online Etsy store with custom Cub coasters.

“I wish I had more time to do more,” she says. “They definitely get hit every day, especially in the last couple weeks.”

Free continues, “If I have the time, I can probably crank it out in two nights.”

Because if there’s ever a time to crank out more Cubs paraphernalia, it’s now, during the team’s pennant push.

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