CHICAGO (CBS) — In public, at least, Mayor Rahm Emanuel welcomed President-elect Donald Trump’s challenge to let the federal government step in to help lower violent crime in Chicago.

On Twitter earlier this week, Trump noted Chicago ended 2016 with at least 762 murders, and said “If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”

Emanuel said he did talk about what the feds could do to curb gun violence when he met Trump in New York in December.

“They can begin to increase their investments in after-school and summer jobs, which have been on the decline. They can actually play a role, not just with the police department, but the ATF – the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms department, or bureau – the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI. The federal partners of the police department that do work with us can be increased,” he said Wednesday as he and the Chicago Police Department announced the promotions of 277 officers.

The mayor said he and Trump disagree about gun control – Emanuel favors tougher gun laws – but he said they might agree about other things, like mentoring programs.

Emanuel said he made several suggestions in his meeting with Trump.

“Everywhere on the certainty from the criminal justice system, to partnering with the police department, to investing in individuals and our youth; and, so, I would welcome that partnership. I know that the Conference of Mayors will be talking about every one of those aspects,” he said.

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