By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Surveillance videos captured the armed robbery of a restaurant in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood while its employees were locked in a bathroom.

The footage shows the moment a man dressed in all black walks into Jamaica Island Jerk, a Caribbean restaurant located in the 5000 block of S. Halsted.

“We see him on the camera, he go down in his pants, he pull out the gun,” said Coralee Huckaby, the restaurant’s owner.

After showing the gun, the suspect allegedly threatened one of the restaurant’s delivery drivers, who did not wish to be identified, by pointing the gun at him.

“He didn’t look violent, he looked desperate,” Huckaby said.

Video shows the man with a gun in his hand pushing his way to the back of the restaurant and forcing the employees to the ground. He then proceeded to ask for all the money the restaurant and employees had.

“I said, ‘man, don’t hurt me, I’ve got a young kid.’ He said, ‘I got a kid to feed too,'” the delivery driver said.

The register was empty, so Huckaby gave the suspect money from her purse.

The suspect then took off in one of the delivery trucks, which he later ditched just a few blocks away from the restaurant.

“Everybody’s OK, the money I can replace, but everybody’s good,” said Huckaby.

The truck has been returned to the restaurant and they reopened shortly after the incident. No arrests have been made.

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