(CBS) — The Chicago region braced for a second wave of winter storms that began hitting Monday evening.

Overnight, some areas across the Chicago region could see snowfall of up to 5 inches to 10 inches, CBS 2 Meteorologist Steve Baskerville says. The bands of snow were coming in off Lake Michigan.

Winter storms hitting the Midwest and East Coast prompted major flight cancellations Monday.

U.S. airlines cancelled more than 6,500 flights nationwide. More than 600 of them were cancelled in Chicago as of Monday evening.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports from O’Hare International Airport about the disruptions.

The United terminal has been quiet the last several hours. It appears many passengers learned earlier their flights to the east would be cancelled, but not everyone was notified until they got to the airport.

Eric and Alex von Vorys, at the end of a father-son vacation in Chicago, found out they won’t be heading back home to Maryland tonight. Their United flight to Baltimore was cancelled.

“They’ve told us the earliest the earliest flight they could get us is Wednesday morning,” Eric von Vorys says.

They wasted money a cab ride to O’Hare, but Eric Von Vorys was not angry.

“I’m a lawyer,” he says. “I deal with problems for most of my clients, and I’m taking it nice an easy. I mean, there’s nothing you can really do about it. I can’t change the weather.”

Eric and Alex were able to book a hotel in Chicago, they said, for a lot less than the going rate.

The snowfall was welcomed by some children in Highland Park. They were making the most of year’s first snow by sledding down a hill. They said they’d like to see even more.

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