CHICAGO (CBS) — 60 detectives from 27 police departments in Northwest Indiana are learning how to better investigate homicides and crack cold cases.

“We brought in seasoned homicide investigators and instructors from Washington, D.C. and Albuquerque New Mexico,” said Merriville Police Chief Robert Byrd.

Byrd says the newest tools in solving cases are cell phone technology and social media.

“Many times we’re learning from what is being bounced back and forth amongst not only suspects but witnesses, and we glean a lot of information, a lot of intelligence from that.”

He added that when a murder occurs and the Northwest Indiana Crime Task Force is activated, detectives look to follow social media right away.

“We rely on social media a lot. People start posting things.”

Byrd said DNA technology is always evolving and detectives need to keep up on the latest forensic science. One of the oldest cases that is still pending is the 1980 murder of Hammond Police Officer Larry Pucalick, who was killed in an armed robbery.

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