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Behind the Song gives fans an inside look into some of the best songs by this year’s ACM Awards nominees. Here, Lady Antebellum — nominated for Vocal Group of the Year — talk about ‘You Look Good.’

After a short break during which Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley both released solo albums (Scott’s won two GRAMMYs), Lady Antebellum returned with a horn-driven new song, “You Look Good.”

Lady Antebellum’s Dave Heywood says that the band enjoyed reconnecting for their next album. “We lived in houses together to write and create this record. We found this song, actually, busbee [aka Michael James Ryan Busbee], our producer, is a writer on it with Ryan Hurd and Hillary Lindsey. And we don’t cut many outside songs, we’re really picky about outside songs, but this one had just a funky feel to it. It was cool, but didn’t try too hard, which is really hard to do. It just summed up the way we’ve been feeling as a band, our excitement, getting back to the innocence of the way we’ve worked together as a trio, and writing together and traveling together. The horns have a great feeling of energy.”

Scott adds, “It sets a different tone; [when] you see a trumpet and a trombone, you can feel the crowd go, ‘What’s about to happen?’ And I think that that’s something we’ve never had in a single before. We always try to release little left turns. Each song is a little left turn for us. And we knew that after our break, this needed to be a sharp left turn for us. But we still feel that it’s ‘us.’ And the energy when we perform it live is just so much fun. And every time we do it we just get more and more comfortable.”

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