CHICAGO (CBS) – More details are coming to light about the murder of a man and his wife last week in Berwyn.

CBS 2’s Chelsea Irving has more as the man accused of killing them appearing in court on Saturday for the first time.

40-year-old Roger Scoby of Schaumburg stood quietly at his bond hearing. While from the prosecution and defense, CBS learned a bit more about the double murder of a Berwyn couple.

Ira Moore was 67-years old, a Vietnam veteran and double amputee. 70-year-old Tommie Moore suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Scoby was their bus driver for a year, taking them back and forth to the VA hospital. They had become friends. He helped them with groceries and sometimes visited.

On Friday March 13, police records show Scoby went to buy a bottle of liquor/ Security footage shows him at a nearby store. He took the bottle back to the Moores. Prosecutors said the three did socialized, but somewhere things took a terribly violent turn.

“To be honest with you, I had to hold my tears back a little because if you shoot a double amputee in the back of the head, who is defenseless; then you turn around, you take a 12 inch knife and put it in her chest, then put a bullet in her in the head,” said activist Andrew Holmes. “Something is mentally wrong with you.”

Prosecutors said Scoby ran off with two guns, which police later found at his home. Police said both belonged to Ira Moore.

During the hearing, the prosecution did bring up Scoby’s criminal record, which includes a 1994 armed robbery conviction, for which he spent 10 year in prison.

Prosecutors said Scoby has admitted to the double murder, but still have no idea what his alleged motive was – why he might have killed two defenseless friends he’s been helping for months.

Scoby was denied bond in court on Saturday. He is due back in court on Tuesday.

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