CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s a Lincoln Square mystery: A 33-year-old Chicago woman is wondering why two different notes have been left on the car she’s been driving – anonymous notes that say her life is a lie.

“Creepy” is how Sarah Labadie describes it: the notes found on the Prius she’s been driving – and parking – on Argyle near Winnemac Park. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

“Yeah, it’s absolutely a little bit creepy. And especially because I’m not the only Prius in the neighborhood,” Labadie said.

The first note, on paper printed with “eco” words like recycle, said, “You need to look close at your life. It is a lie.” The second one, on plain paper, said “Open your eyes. A part of your life is a lie.”

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The first note Sarah Labadie found on her Prius. (Credit: Sarah Labadie)

Labadie went to – hoping to get an answer.

“Maybe about a quarter of people thought that it had something to do with my boyfriend cheating on me,” Labadie said.

But she said that is not the case.

Another quarter thought it was a high school prank. Some thought it had something to do with the Prius. Others thought it was really something to be concerned about.

“It’s giving me a little bit of time to self-reflect. Like, is there something I could be doing in the neighborhood that’s making people uncomfortable? Or making my neighbors uncomfortable?”

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