(CBS) Two days after being perplexed by several calls and situations in his team’s 6-1 home loss to the Pirates, Cubs manager Joe Maddon on Tuesday praised the work of umpire Joe West — a nemesis of sorts — but expressed displeasure over some of the game’s developments and West’s demeanor in one instance.

Maddon was upset about a first-inning call in which Kris Bryant was called out at first not because he didn’t beat the throw but because lead runner Kyle Schwarber slid past second base in an attempt to break up the double play, which erased a Cubs scoring chance.

“Absolutely inane,” Maddon said in an interview with Danny Parkins and Barry Rozner on 670 The Score. “The rule, I think, is awful. He slid right over the top of the bag, but he could not hold onto the bag. He was out anyway, but then they called the runner out at first base because of his slide, which to me made zero sense whatsoever. And I went up to ask Joe West, and he gave me the hand, you know? ‘Don’t come out here.’ ‘That’s too bad, I’m coming out.’ I just wanted to know what their interpretation was. ”

It’s with that in mind that Maddon supports the idea of wiring umpires with a microphone to explain video reviews of close and contested calls, a move that MLB may adopt in the season’s second half, the Associated Press reported.

“If they would at least explain to us or even the entire group what exactly the ruling was and why, it would be a lot easier to stomach,” Maddon said.

“There are so many incongruities regarding the interpretation and the fabrication of rules in an apparent effort to try to eliminate injuries. Again, I have a really hard time with all that stuff. The play at second base was a big play. We could’ve actually scored after that.”

Maddon also explained why he took issue with West waving Maddon away Sunday. The two have a history, with West ejecting Maddon in a game in St. Louis last September after Maddon expressed his anger over what he viewed as West interceding in catcher Miguel Montero trying to head out for a mound visit in the ninth inning.

“He just gave me the hand,” Maddon said of Sunday. “Well, he gave me the hand. You know what? Any time anybody gives you the hand, man, that’s tough. You just can’t turn around and walk away from the hand, man.

“I’ll tell you one thing: He is a really good umpire. I will give him that. He is an outstanding umpire. He’s a little theatrical, there’s no question. I think he’d be the first one to admit that, but he is a very good umpire.”

Listen to Maddon’s full interview below.

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