By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s the worst case scenario for any avid lottery player — you play and win, then have to fight for your money.

One of Jack Kielczynski’s retirement pastimes is playing the Illinois Lottery: Pick 3 game online. And he’s been doing fairly well the last month.

As his winnings added up, the retired police officer decided to cash in on about $1,600, which dated back to April 16th. The winnings were supposed to be transferred directly into his checking account. However, an entire week went by with no such deposit.

“Nothing was coming. And I was calling, daily at that point — I got three or four supervisors I talked to,” Kielczynski said.

Kielczynski said he was initially told he would see his cash in three to five business days. Once that did not happen, he says a supervisor told him there was a routing problem or glitch that was impacting 500 people.

Kielczynski started receiving some of his winnings Monday afternoon, but says he’s still owed $400.

A Lottery spokesperson told CBS 2 that online pay-outs are handled by Northstar, a company that’s been sued for how it handles Illinois Lottery winnings and games. Two governors, including Gov. Rauner, have tried terminating Northstar’s contract, but have not found a replacement company.

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