CHICAGO (CBS) — Crystal Lake Police officers issued 122 tickets and written warnings last week to drivers who thought it was most important to be playing with their smart phones than to keep an eye on the road ahead of them.

“I’m sure, with some people, that they feel pretty confident in their ability to conduct that kind of multitasking,” said Crystal Lake Deputy Police Chief Derek Hyrkas.


Hyrkas’ officers worked a total of 142 hours looking for drivers who were violating the law by using their cell phones, and says most people deny it when officers confront them with their cell phone use while driving.

“The looking down, if they’re looking forward, then those quick glances down to their lap area.” Hyrkas  says it’s easy to spot.

The Deputy Chief says his officers said they could have pulled over many more drivers for texting or talking on phone if they only had more time.

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