(CBS) — A Chicago-based security consultant and former federal prosecutor said fired FBI Director James Comey made his case well in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“He came across as very credible, very believable,” said retired FBI agent Ross Rice, now a CBS security consultant, who called Comey a man of “great integrity.”

Comey testified that he was taken aback when President Trump told others in the Oval Office to leave the room so they could meet privately.

Former prosecutor Jeffery Cramer said Comey had good reason.

“This President sounds like, frankly, a two-bit Chicago politician,” Cramer tells WBBM’s Bob Roberts.

Cramer says Comey was smart to write down what was said in private. Asked whom he believes, Cramer left no question what he thought.

“You have someone who has dedicated his life to being a federal prosecutor and director of the FBI on one side and a real estate salesman on the other said,” Cramer says. “I don’t even think it’s a close call.”

He said Comey’s giving a copy of the memo summarizing the meeting to the New York Times after his firing May 9 does not constitute a leak, or a crime.

Mr. Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, said it should be investigated “like all the other leaks.”

Cramer says Comey made it clear that nothing classified was in that memo.

The subject was “intensely interesting” but not privileged, he says.

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