CHICAGO (CBS) — Gingers ruled this weekend in Highwood, as the north suburb hosted its 3rd annual Redhead Days.

Both days you could see Gingers in hula hoops. There were contests galore, including a contest to determine the reddest dog and another for the best carrot cake.

Music was provided in part by the Redhead Lounge. They decided who had the longest red beard, and hair; and there were symposiums both days with Buzzfeed’s Erin LaRosa, who has authored The Big Redhead Book.

Peter Jackson made the trip solo from Wllmington, Delaware, and said being a redhead is somewhat like belonging to an exclusive club.

“We’re pretty much a rare breed,” he said. “We’re sporadic in a crowd. It’s not every day you see a big crowd of redhaeds together in one place.”

What do they talk about together?

“Our beautiful hair, of course. We talk about how it’s neat to be different,” he said.

Jackson claimed gingers are more sensitive to heat and cold changes; and he claimed it takes 20 percent more anesthetic to knock one out.

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