(CBS) — The Park Forest Police Department paid tribute Tuesday to a police dog who retired after 8 years with his human partner.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

tobi1 Police Dog Retires With Sendoff

Park Forest Police Officer James Kessler and Tobi .(couresy: Officer Kessler)

It was a sendoff in Park Forest’s municipal hall. For Tobi, the canine partner of Officer James Kessler.

“He can’t jump things like he used to,” says Kessler.

Tobi, who’s half German shepherd, half Belgian Malinois, will be 11 in November.

Officer Kessler says he and Tobi have been to a lot of crime scenes, but the one that stands out was the first time Tobi located a suspect who was in hiding.

“There’s no feeling in the world like when a dog locates something successfully, because it’s not an easy thing to achieve,” he says.

“The dog just can’t speak to you and tell you. You basically have to pay attention to the dog.”

Officer Kessler says Tobi’s retirement will probably include a lot of time relaxing in the Kessler family home.

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