CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago aldermen are introducing an ordinance that would create standards and rules to help workers — especially part-time and hourly employees — have more predictable work schedules.

The ‘Fair Workweek Ordinance’ would require employers to give workers two weeks’ notice of their schedules. It also gives employees the ability to refuse hours with less notice.

Ald. Rick Munoz predicted that businesses would object. “City councils imposing another set of regulations — unfair, unaffordable, unreasonable regulations. Number one, it’s fair; number one, it’s free; number one, it’s reasonable,” Munoz said.

In fact, Theresa Mintle, president and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, says the measure would rob businesses of needed flexibility.

“I think a retail business is different than a hospitality business is different than a fulfillment business. And what this ordinance does is mandate the exact same thing for every one of those types of businesses — and I do think that that’s a problem,” Mintle said.

A contentious public hearing can be expected in the future.

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