CHICAGO (CBS) — The Illinois State Board Of Elections is currently reviewing the Trump administration’s request for extensive voter data as part of an investigation into alleged voter fraud.

“It will be reviewed for compliance with Illinois laws on voter data availability, and go to the Board at its next meeting on August 22,” Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections, said in a e-mail to CBS Chicago.

The request from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was first sent to the Secretary of State’s office, which forwarded it to the election board on Wednesday.

The commission, which is chaired by Vice President Pence, has requested detailed voter information, including:

Full first and last names of all registrants;
Addresses, dates of birth;
Political party (if recorded);
Last four digits of social security number;
Elections voted in since 2006:
Information regarding any felony convictions;
Information regarding voter registration in another state:
Information regarding military status; and
Overseas citizen information.

Several states have already expressed concerns about the request, saying that providing some of the requested information would violate voter privacy laws.

President Trump has said that he believes that millions of votes were cast illegally in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016, giving her a victory in the popular vote. There is no evidence to suggest that happened.

Cook County Clerk David Orr said states are balking for several reasons.

“One, you don’t create a commission, number one, based on a lie,” he said. “You don’t set up a commission trying to prove President Trump’s misinformation about alleged fraud and that he would have won the popular vote.”

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