CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Rauner does not seem to be backing away from his threat to veto a school funding bill that is headed for his desk.

Illinois may have a full budget, but the bill that changed the way schools are funded across the state is still facing a gubernatorial veto. Backers say it’s a compromise based on the work of a commission Governor Rauner appointed, but he says it benefits Chicago Public Schools at the expense of districts elsewhere in the state.

“So far that school funding bill has not been sent to my desk. We need to get a fair school funding formula that is fair for everyone, helps schoolchildren in Chicago, as well as, Libertyville, as well as in North Chicago, Waukegan, Rockford and around the state. We will work hard to make sure that happens.”

Backers of Senate Bill 1 said it would benefit some other poor school districts, even more than Chicago. Still the Governor insists the schools will open on time.

“Schools are going to open. We are going to make sure schools get opened and we are going to make sure that it is done on a basis that is fair for taxpayers all across the state; and that it doesn’t benefit only one community at the expense of other communities.”

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