CHICAGO (CBS) — Kevin Youkilis went from a spring training stint with the Chicago Cubs to coaching the Quito Cubs, his son’s little league team in California. It was an eye-opener for the 10-year major league veteran.

“I’ve seen more parents stressed out at games,” Youkilis said. “I’d look at them, and I’m like ‘wow, I played at the highest level possible and parents are acting like it’s the end of the world.”

The former White Sox third baseman has teamed with four other retired big leaguers to create ‘Big League Perspective,’ a social media presence dedicated to answering questions parents and coaches might have about proper youth sports development.

“We’ve really got to calm down the narrative, and really enjoy these finite amount of years we have with our kids to enjoy their sports,” he said.

Youkilis; former Cub, John Baker; South Holland native, Mark Mulder, Michael Cuddyer, and Nick Punto are the five athletes involved. They’re taking questions about topics such as good training techniques, the merits of travel-team baseball, and how much work is too much.

“Kids coming in at 12-, 13-, 14-years old and having growth plate issues with their elbow, or Tommy John surgeries, because of overuse in youth baseball at such a young age. That can’t happen,” Youkilis said.

Big League Perspective is on Instagram, Facebook, and on Twitter @BigLeaguePersp1

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