CHICAGO (CBS) — The city of Chicago has won the latest round in its legal battle with the Trump Administration over sanctuary cities.

A federal judge blocked the Trump Administration’s rules requiring sanctuary cities, such as Chicago, to cooperate with federal immigration agents to get public safety grants.

The judge says the city makes a plausible case that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have exceeded his authority by trying to require sanctuary cities to give immigration agents at least 48-hours notice before releasing suspected illegal immigrants from custody.

doj suit Judge Rules Trump Cant Deny Funds To Sanctuary Cities

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces a plan to file a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice over rules blocking so-called “sanctuary cities” from receiving some federal grants. (Credit: CBS)

“Regardless of whether those cities are sanctuary cities, welcoming cities, or not, they will be eligible for these funds,” said Ed Siskel, Chicago’s Corporation Counsel.

The city of Chicago argued the rules are unconstitutional and could lead to other efforts to tie federal dollars to compliance with Trump Administration policies.

“You cannot make a city not only abandon its values and its principles, but in my view, from a public safety standpoint, if this policy was allowed to stand, you would be driving a wedge between our immigrant community and our police department,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

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In particular, Mayor Emanuel says the rules would have required sanctuary cities to give immigration agents access to jails and police lockups.

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