670 The Score: On-Air Schedule

Monday 11/24/14

Time                                  Show

5:00AM-9:00AM              Mully and Hanley

9:00AM-1:00PM               Spiegel and Mannelly

1:00PM-6:00PM               Boers and Bernstein

6:00PM-6:30PM               Laurence Holmes

6:30PM-9:45PM               Illinois vs. Brown

9:45PM-11:00PM              Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints

11:00PM-5:00AM             Les Grobstein

Tuesday 11/25/14

Time                                Show

5:00AM-9:00AM              Mully and Hanley

9:00AM-1:00PM              Spiegel and Mannelly

1:00PM-6:00PM              Boers and Bernstein

6:00PM-10:00PM            Laurence Holmes

10:30PM-11:00PM           Tim Beckman Show

11:00PM-12:00AM           Wayne Randazzo

12:00AM-5:00AM             Les Grobstein

Wednesday 11/26/14

Time                                  Show

5:00AM-9:00AM              Mully and Hanley

9:00AM-1:00PM               Spiegel and Mannelly

1:00PM-6:00PM               Boers and Bernstein

6:00PM-7:00PM               Bears All-Access

7:00PM-9:45PM               DePaul vs. Lehigh

9:45PM-12:00AM             Joe Ostrowski

12:00AM-5:00AM             Wayne Randazzo

Thursday 11/27/14

Time                                 Show

5:00AM-7:00AM              CBS Sports Radio

7:00AM-9:00AM              Mully and Pompei

9:00AM-11:30AM             Schuster and Pompei

11:30AM-2:30PM             CBS Sports Radio

2:30PM-4:00PM              Doug Buffone and Ed O’Bradovich

4:00PM-6:45PM               Illinois vs. Indiana St.

6:45PM-11:00PM             Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

11:00PM-12:00AM           CBS Sports Radio

12:00AM-5:00AM            Les Grobstein

Friday 11/28/14

Time                                Show

5:00AM-9:00AM              Hanley and Rozner

9:00AM-1:00PM               Rosenbloom and Shepkowski

1:00PM-6:00PM               Arkush and Schuster

6:00PM-9:00PM              Joe Ostrowski

9:00PM-12:30AM            Illinois vs. TBA

12:30AM-8:00AM            CBS Sports Radio

Saturday 11/29/14

Time                                     Show

1:00AM-8:00AM                 CBS Sports Radio

8:00AM-9:00AM                 Bruce Levine and Mike Esposito

9:00AM-10:30AM               Steve Rosenbloom and Mark Grote

10:30AM-2:30PM                Illinois at Northwestern

2:30PM-3:30PM                   White Sox Weekly w/ Chris Rongey

3:30PM-9:00PM                   Barry Rozner and TBA

9:00PM-6:00AM                  CBS Sports Radio

Sunday 11/30/14

Time                                   Show

10:00PM-6:00AM             CBS Sports Radio

6:00AM-7:00AM                Score Values

7:00AM-12:00PM              Herb Lawrence and Brendan McCaffrey

12:00PM-1:15PM               CBS Sports Radio

1:15PM-4:30PM                 DePaul vs. Stanford

4:30PM-6:30PM                New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers

6:30PM-11:00PM               Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

11:00PM-12:00AM            CBS Sports Radio

12:00AM-5:00AM              Les Grobstein