Holiday Events In Chicago

Best Chicago Family Christmas Traditions

How better to get into the Christmas spirit than to start a new tradition by taking the whole family to a holiday-inspired wonderland? Chicago boasts some of the best family-centric Christmas events that span the entire month of December, enticing all who come to get in the celebration mood.


Chicago Gifts

Ultimate Chicago Gifts

Chicago is home to great food, even more great food, architecture, history, sports, and more. With so much Chicago to love, these featured gifts will help you spread the Chicago cheer this season.


Best Gifts For Guys

Best Gifts For Guys

The digital age has made gift-buying a difficult task for anyone. Ever since Ralphie pined for a Red Ryder BB Gun, people – especially the guys – have gotten in the habit of instant gratification shopping, which leaves those wishing to get them a present stuck pondering sweaters and gift cards.


See the top toys of 2010

Top Toys of 2010

See the top toys of the year. From little tikes to teens, here are some of the hottest toys of 2010.


Tis The Season To Buy A Christmas Tree

Top Places To Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Venturing out to cut down your own Christmas tree might be one of the more iconic images of the Christmas season. Tromping through snow covered fields to find the perfect tree to bring home to your living room.


Ice Skating Rinks

Get Your Skate On: Chicago’s Best Ice Skating Rinks

Whether you are as graceful as Michelle Kwan or a total disaster on skates, ice skating is a time-honored Chicago winter tradition. Plus, it is a ton of fun. Seriously, it is. Your kids will think so too.


Winter Weekends

Best Winter Getaways For Chicago Families

Sometimes, all a family needs is a little change of scenery to renew their spirits during the dreary Chicago winter. While we all don’t have the time, funds or energy to hop on a plane to somewhere tropical, many families do have the means {and desire} to pack up the kiddos and head out of town for the weekend.



Best Hanukkah Activities in Chicago

An early Hanukkah is nice for families who want to make sure that this celebration is not overshadowed by Christmas, but it also means less time to prepare. So, it is not too soon to start planning some fun family Hanukkah activities. Luckily, there is a lot more to Hanukkah in Chicago than lighting the menorah and eating latkes!


Bake For Me

Best Holiday Take-Home Pies

I’m forcing you to wear your extra-stretchy pants this Holiday Season because you’ll be craving more than one thin piece of pie. A good pie wraps up the entire meal and below are the places that are here to help. Dessert is always the best part of the meal, so stop kidding yourself and just ask for the big piece.



Chicago’s Best Stuff for Young Kids (Ages 5-8)

A world-class city like Chicago is full of fun and educational outings for elementary-school aged kids. From catching a game at one of Chicago’s professional sports teams to a visit to the city’s great cultural […]


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Best Handmade Crafts In Chicago

There are many talented Chicago artisans whose work can be found for sale throughout the city. Flocking to summer art fairs, urban galleries, and smaller neighborhood arts and craft shoes, these artisans design one-of-a-kind creations in every category from textiles to pottery, clothing to toys, and then some.

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