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Nasty Germs May Be Lurking In Your Hotel Swimming PoolWith summer almost upon us, health officials are warning Americans to take precaution against nasty germs that could be lurking in swimming pools. 
FDA Says 'Too Many Kids' Experimenting With E-Cigarettes, VapingThe popularity of e-cigarettes among younger Americans is drawing mounting scrutiny from federal regulators.
Amazon Pulls Products Making Light Of Mental IllnessAmazon pulled some of the offending items after being contacted by British media site iNews.
E.Coli Outbreak Expected to WorsenAn E.coli outbreak that has sickened nearly 150 people in 29 states so far is likely to worsen, according to an update Tuesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Breathing Polluted Air During Pregnancy Tied To Health Risk For Kids In most American cities, air pollution from cars and factories is a fact of life. But a new study raises a red flag for pregnant women by suggesting that higher levels of air pollution can pose a serious health threat even inside the womb.
Park District Shuts Off Half Its Water Fountains Due To LeadThe Chicago Park District says it may remove up to half its outdoor drinking fountains after tests found high levels of lead in the water.
Elon's Brother Kimbal Musk Is On A Mission To Revolutionize How Americans EatHis personal venture has become a life's work: replacing high-calorie foods with healthier ones.
Trump Announces Plan To Lower Drug Prices: 'This Is A Total Rip Off, And We Are Ending It'President Trump on Friday introduced his blueprint to "bring soaring drug prices back down to earth."
Study: Babies Would Rather Listen To Other Babies Than AdultsInfants can recognize vowel-like sounds and pay special attention to these sounds when they're made by other infants.
Illinois Illnesses From Insect Bites Have Surged Since 2004The Illinois Department of Public Health is warning the public to take precautions against tick and mosquito bites, saying reported cases of infections have increased over the past decade.
Dying Mom's Wish Fulfilled As Son Brings Graduation To HospitalAbout 20 of Dalton's classmates traveled to the hospital in their caps and gowns so they could graduate in front of his mom.
FDA Declares EpiPen Shortage Across Much Of Country The Food and Drug Administration has declared a shortage of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. across major swaths of the country.

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