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'What we're here for is our family, right?'
ET has confirmed that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has declined to file felony charges against Diddy.
The 21-year-old singer suffered a hemorrhage on her vocal cords and was forced to cancel her first two concerts of her MTrain Tour.
The reality star was spotted on vacation in Monaco without his baby mama.
It's hard to imagine anyone other than Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, but the role almost went to someone else.
Rande Gerber tells the story of why he and his pal had to ‘go legit’ with their tequila.
Rachel Roberts says the singer was 'professional and hardworking' on the NSFW video shoot.

Boy George and Culture Club Reunite After 16 Years!

It's a reunion tour that will give you '80s nostalgia.
Rande Gerber says the trick is friendship...and one other special factor. 
Kaia Gerber is modeling just like her mom, Cindy Crawford, but guys should watch out. 

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At their heart, these shows love America and what it stands for, although some of them show it with tough love.
It's the middle of summer and by now, you're probably looking for things to keep the summer fun coming without having to bear the 90 degree temperatures.
The trailer shows Jess and Ray finding her daughter's body in a dumpster, capturing her soul-breaking emotional reaction.
“If there something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?”
Katy Perry definitely doesn't have to worry about paying her rent, that's for sure.
Lynyrd Skynyrd began phasing use of the Confederate flag a few years ago. Another Southern band, the Drive-By Truckers, agrees. "It’s well past time for all the Southern states to move on."
Who Is Tom Holland? He's 'Spider-Man'

7 Best Beach Reads For Summer 2015

Hitting the beach this summer? Alongside your flip-flops, towel, and plenty of sunscreen, no beach bag is complete without one of the summer’s hottest reads.
Walk The Moon's hit pop tune "Shut Up And Dance" is made even better, thanks to this You Tube video--a compilation of dance scenes from dozens of popular movies.
Two days later than originally planned, British rockers Mumford & Sons were ready to perform at Montrose Beach on Friday, and some tickets are now available to their previously sold-out show.