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Since 1949, Lindholm Roofing has constructed roofs for every type of home and building in the Chicago area. With a backbone of solid, customer service and quality job performance, Lindholm Roofing expanded from a one-man operation in the 1950s to a thriving business in the 1980s. Bustling with a fresh generation of Lindholms, Lindholm Roofing expanded into shingle roofing and metalworking, and in the nineties, they added more services, including gutter work, siding, masonry, and window installation.

With increased innovations in “green” technology, Lindholm Roofing has offered custom roofing and solutions to better serve the needs of each client. For a typical residential roof, Lindholm Roofing can complete an entire roof restoration with a one to two day turn around. Lindholm Roofing holds memberships with the National Roofing Contractors Association, Better Business Bureau, NARI, and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. By being involved in these professional organizations, Lindholm Roofing gains better business practices and, in turn, increases its professional credibility with consumers.

In addition to restoring just about any type of roofing (including, cedar, aluminum, and natural slate), Lindholm Roofing also provides free, no obligation estimates to any potential customer. Other available products and projects Lindholm Roofing provides are replacement windows and skylights.

There are many key factors to look for when searching for a good roofing company. The company should be stable, be an expert in its field, have a proven track record of success, and provide a clear and concise contract. Lindholm Roofing fulfills all of these requirements, ensuring the utmost quality for each one of its customers.


Over the years, Lindholm Roofing has expanded their areas of expertise and now offers a variety of services for its customers.

They can currently work on the following:

o Single Roofs
o Flat roofs
o Slate and Tile Roofs
o Cedar Roofs
o Tuckpointing
o Siding
o Windows
o Gutters
o Downspouts

Lindholm Roofing always thinks of the customers needs and always offers options for the type of work that would best take care of the customers concerns. If a repair is all that is needed, Lindholm is happy to save the customer some money instead of needlessly replacing something.


Lindholm Roofing uses quality materials that have a proven track record in the industry. From shingles to siding, and everything in-between, the manufactures that Lindholm chooses to work with have been around for years and are proven leaders in their respective industries.

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CHICAGO – Main Office
PHONE: 773-283-9061
ADDRESS: 3588 N. Milwaukee

PHONE: 630-279-7700
ADDRESS: 209 Butterfield Rd.

PHONE: 847-825-3232
ADDRESS: 310 Busse Rd.

PHONE: 847-392-2900
ADDRESS: 824 E. Rand Rd.

PHONE: 708-459-5100
ADDRESS: 1030 S. Cicero

PHONE: 847-945-0971
ADDRESS: 211 Landis Lane

PHONE: 847-251-1057
ADDRESS: 1187 Wilmette Ave

PHONE: 708-524-1767
ADDRESS: 7115 W. North Ave.

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