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Hikers were warned of the danger posed by unusually warm Washington state weather
American Airlines officials confirmed a flight from Charlotte to Minneapolis had to return, but the reason was unclear
Popular hiking destination was said to be in "dangerous" state because of warm weather
Hikers in Granite Falls, Washington, narrowly avoided the collapsing roof of an ice cave
A push for an investigation of the prosecutor in the Michael Brown case ended when a judge found no wrongdoing
Jerry Weintraub, who produced for music greats such as Elvis and film classics like "The Karate Kid," has died at the age of 77
Search ends and recovery operation starts for a 7-month-old boy who plunged into river with his father
Comedian Bill Cosby testified in a 2005 court deposition he provided a sedative to a woman he wanted to have sex with
Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is hitting the campaign trail while opponent Bernie Sanders brings in the biggest audiences of any campaign events
Attorneys for two women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault say his 2005 deposition strengthens their clients' accusations