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Daron Wint is charged in brutal deaths of wealthy businessman, his wife, son and housekeeper; mansion was also set ablaze
"Close to a miracle that she survived"; elderly apparent diabetics disappeared after visit to casino
Several people dead or missing, hundreds of homes destroyed, at least 2,000 Texans evacuated, dam weakened
Bomb squad called to "suspicious" vehicle near U.S. Capitol building
Authorities say an area west of the Capitol were closed while the vehicle was secured
Parts of Sapula and Creek County remain underwater as Oklahoma struggles with a massive rainfall that left a firefighter engaged in rescue operations dead. Around the clock rescues continue as first responders help people trapped in homes. Allison Harris reports.
Memorial Day weekend is always a busy time for the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington D.C., which receives over 4 million visitors a year. But as Danielle Nottingham reports, there's an exact half-size replica of the wall that's been traveling the country for 30 years.
In just 24 hours, some parts of The Lone Star State have seen more than 10 inches of rain. As Omar Villafranca reports, the storms have damaged more than 1,000 homes.
Hundreds protested the acquittal of Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo, who fatally shot two unarmed African Americans while on duty. Jericka Duncan reports that, despite the crowds, there was no looting, fires, or dangerous violence.
The notable yet troubled mathematician was killed along with his wife Alicia in a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash was a Nobel Prize winner and the inspiration for the 2001 film "A Beautiful Mind." Mark Albert reports.