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Drinking water for most residents of South Carolina's capital city comes from a canal that collapsed in two places
Spencer Stone, one of the three Americans who overpowered a gunman on a European train, was stabbed outside a bar in California
An attack outside a Phoenix convenience store sends a civilian and an officer to the hospital and ends a dog's life
Authorities say Stephanie Fox turned forged checks into tropical vacations, jewelry
Inmates from the Bard Prison Initiative outsmarted the Harvard debate team at a New York state lockup last month
"48 Hours" reconstructed the bedroom of Brad and Andra Sachs to demonstrate the firepower used at the crime scene. We used a slow-motion camera to capture the damage an assault rifle can create.
As many as four of the 26 long-range cruise missiles that Russia said it fired at Syrian targets landed instead in Iran, officials say
A fraternity at Indiana University has been disbanded following the release of a sexually explicit video. "48 Hours" Crimesider's Graham Kates joins CBSN to explain the case.
At a gun range in Los Angeles, "48 Hours" constructed a mockup of part of Brad and Andra Sachs' bedroom to demonstrate how close the shooter was to the couple and the type of weapon used in their 2014 murders.
Gov. Jerry Brown dramatically increased the state's climate-change goals