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  1. Robin says:

    Is this the best photo you could find of Sarah Michelle Geller? This is the only unflattering image that I’ve seen in any of your galleries, and it is the main graphic? Anything to make “conservatives” look crazy.

  2. joe says:

    No kidding! you hacks really had to put forth some effort to find an unflattering picture of SMG. She’s gorgeous. What is this, the Guardian??

  3. DMack says:

    Which one is supposed to be conservative…. Brittney Spears or Lady Gaga. And why?

    1. RA House says:

      I read somewhere that Spears is a registered Republican or she supports Republicans. I can’t remember. Although, being a Republican doesn’t make her a conservative. I’m not sure about Gaga. She seems like she’d be an Independent.

  4. L R Kiel says:

    Is this a typo? What issues are any of these folks of a conservative slant? A little meat to the bone would be a good way to fill out the topic.

  5. Fatima says:

    Way to go, CBS! Another absolutely profound piece of “objective news.”

    I’m honored to have my intellect be so underestimated.

    And that picture of Sarah Michelle Geller….really? Not even a slight attempt to disguise your absolute disgust for whatever is unpopular at the moment (cough* being conservative)?

    Won’t even comment about Lady Whatever and Ms. Spears. Two sad figures who deserve our prayers more than anything else.

    No surprise at all that Americans can’t even find Iraq on a map when you’re feeding them this nonsensical and completely vapid garbage. If you’re going to do so, at least, like the previous commenter said, “add some meat” to the “story”.

    Off to read some real news, aka DrudgeReport.com

  6. Tom says:

    Thank you, CBS, for revealing your bias. That’s a lovely bunch of unflattering photos.

  7. Frank Reino says:

    Obviously the person who wrote or I mean came up with this list has no idea what it means to be conservative. This fool is confusing conservative with republican as if ever republican is conservative. Arnold is NO CONSERVATIVE. 50 cent? Brittney Spears? Seriously? Try again.

  8. TL says:

    Nice group of unflattering photos designed to make anyone “conservative” look crazy.

    What media bias??

  9. Bob Johnson says:

    Pathetic. If the conservatives you showed were black you would be called racists.

  10. E says:

    Might want to actually find a story to scream bias at. You are reacting to a photo gallery and one word. This page is essentially meaningless.

    Your willingness to cite it as proof of a vast media conspiracy against conservatives says a lot more about you than it does about the media.

    See also the former FNC employee that explained that they always needed to portray the conservative movement as under attack and persecuted. They do this, amazingly, while repeatedly crowing about the network’s popularity and pointing out, correctly, the America is mostly conservative-leaning.

    Which is it? Majority or persecuted minority? You can’t be both. But, understandably, FNC is loathe to give up the persecution angle. It works wonders. Cult leaders use it all the time.

    But what do I know about it? I’m a liberal, which means, going by the titles of books, that I’m a godless, soulless America-hating monster. And I’ve certainly never felt persecuted about it. As long as I don’t mention my views to my family or to anyone at my church. Cheers for open and respectful dialogue.

  11. JMOKE says:

    I noticed the conservative women are rather beautiful, while the liberal women look like shoe leather on the bottom of your shoe.

  12. RA House says:

    I think this should have been called Republican or right-leaning celebs. I saw 50 Cent on a list of celebrity Repubs before because he said he compared himself to GWB. I think this whole things needs some clarification. This is a poorly organized list.

  13. BigD in NYC says:

    One of the pictures of Ah-nuld looked like it was taken at some kind of UN-sponsored “global warming” type conference in Vienna, an unlikely place for a real conservative. I wonder if he was speaking in “Austrian”? (Let’s ask President Obama.)

    Clint is more of a libertarian than a conservative, per se – although most liberals absolutely despised both his “Dirty” Harry Callahan and Walt Kowalski, and unless Eastwood is the greatest actor in Hollywood history, I am sure that there is A LOT of the real Eastwood in both of those iconic characters he played so brilliantly.

    And speaking of tough detectives, how could a Chicagoland news outlet leave out one of the Windy City’s own favorite sons, Vietnam vet, registered Republican and five-time Emmy winner Dennis Franz, a/k/a the no-nonsense Det. Andy Sipowicz of “NYPD Blue”? (Law-and-order- minded conservatives LOVED this guy and said his take-no-prisoners tactics with uncooperative murder suspects were the answer to crime in the streets – while liberals said he confirmed everything they always suspected about big-city police officers).

    And what about another Chicago boy, also a Vietnam vet and openly proud supporter of conservative causes, “Wheel of Fortune’s” Pat Sajak?

    Looks like SOMEONE among the photo editors may have a crush on Britney!!!

  14. Jarhead68 says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is NOT conservative by anyone’s definition.

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