1. elliott marks says:

    What is this, an ad for hot doug’s?

  2. Brian Thompson says:

    do you only want us to be aware of Hot Doug’s? Always a line when I try to go there. How do I see the other 6 top places??? Thanks for nothing . . . .

  3. ect chicago says:

    What do we do after DOUG’S???? There are supposedly 6 other must go places. Are they secret? Does this have anything to do with Al Capone or Jimmy Hoffa?

  4. Jim Hamilton says:

    Like hell take my family or friends to Chicago getting them all killed in a drive up like so many others I read about doesn’t sound like fun to me oh yeah and in chicago the criminals carry guns but I can’t hahaha NO THANK YOU CHICAGO!

    1. Steve says:

      wow u read to much media puss face

    2. Chicago says:

      It’s called a drive-by…not a drive-up

    3. Life-Long Chicagoan says:

      So sad. You should consider joining Big Jer under his basement steps with your tinfoil hats on. The rest of us will go ahead and live actual lives.

  5. Ray Huggy Bear Young says:

    Well there is Hot Dougs and…………

    Steve, what are you talking about? the media hides all the crime going on so Rahm looks good.

  6. R>J.David says:

    Where are the other places, and their addresses.

  7. Big Jer says:

    Go to Chicago….and what…volunteer to be a target? You must be kidding. You yuppies can keep that God-forsaken stink-hole. Thank God they raised the Metra fees…so I’ll never be tempted to go there again…Happy in the suburbs.

  8. Life-Long Chicagoan says:

    26 pictures of Hot Doug’s, and no other info. Where is the rest of the article? Not great editing, CBS. Please fix this! It would be nice to see what your other picks are.

    And Big Jer, I feel sorry for you. Just don your tinfoil hat and hide under your basement steps. The rest of the world will continue to take place over your head.

    1. Life-Long Chicagoan says:

      Pun intended, incidentally.

  9. Normal human says:

    I’m shocked that there are so many people afraid of Chicago, lmao

    1. sweetness34 says:

      It’s the “Oh Chicago…. Al Capone/gangster” and then shoot an invisible tommy gun vision so many people still have.

  10. peter says:

    big jer go hide in your basement while others enjoy life…..where r the other 6?

  11. Clown face says:

    Yes, all of you jokers stay away from hot Doug’s, us regulars are sick and tired of having to wait for our fricken sausage. Damn tourists go to the cheese cake factory!!!!

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