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Cook Co. Officials Alarmed By Number Of Violent Offenders On The Loose From Electronic Monitoring

There is a call for change following the CBS 2 Investigator report Monday that showed how dangerous offenders and gun offenders are cutting and running from electronic monitoring.


2 Investigators: CTA Vows To Improve Screening Of Bus Drivers After $60 Million In Settlements

It’s a $60-million problem: That’s the cost of settlements and judgments paid out by the CTA for bus accidents.


SEATTLE, WA - JUNE 18: Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos presents the company's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, on June 18, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. The much-anticipated device is available for pre-order today and is available exclusively with AT&T service.

Drivers Delivering Amazon Packages Accused Of Devastating And Deadly Accidents

CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini tracks drivers violating road safety and talks to a man severely injured and suing the company.


The Bracelet Cutters: 25 Violent Or Gun Offenders Are On The Loose From Electronic Monitoring In Cook County

More than 80 people have disappeared while on Cook County’s electronic monitoring program since last September.


Metra Overtime Soars To $119 Million From 2013 To 2017; One Mechanic Earned $366,000

A Metra track inspector and two mechanics have been paid a total of $1.2 million in overtime in the past five years.


Family Says Young Girl Bitten By A Dog Inside Home Depot

The popular home improvement chain posts a no pets allowed warning. The child’s family sits down with CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini  and wants to know why the policy is not enforced.


Social Security Administration Mistake Leaves Woman On Brink Of Financial Ruin

A government mistake almost ruined a woman financially. 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports that when she needed it the most, Social Security failed to live up to its promises.


Victims Outraged Over Judge’s Decision

Mario Cupello was charged with ten felonies, accused of scamming his west suburban landscaping clients. But when Cupello, a convicted felon, appeared before Judge Stanley Hill he was released on an I-bond, or a no cash bond.


A State Crackdown On Doctors Overprescribing Addictive And Dangerous Drugs

Opioid overdoses are up 60 percent and all too often the source of those drugs are doctors, some using their medical license as a license to deal.


Protecting Child Cost State Social Worker Her Life

Pam Knight was brutally beaten by a suspected child abuser as she attempted to rescue a two-year-old boy. She was in a coma, left disabled, then died from her injuries. Her husband wants to know why she and other DCFS workers do not ALWAYS have police backup.


2 Investigators: Did Breeder Sell Sick Puppies?

Experts say getting puppies with parvo symptoms to a vet fast is critical because it’s highly contagious.


2 Investigators: Two Brothers O.D. On Fake Pot, One Survives

At the hospital that same night Angela Darsham met other families affected by the rat poison-laced drugs.


2 Investigators: The Fallout Over The Pop Tax

“We were up against a well funded machine. We were up political boss Toni Preckwinkle.”


2 Investigators: Worker Says Stickney Stuck Him With Decal Bill

An hour before he was going to apply the decals, Jake Zaagman says the custom order was cancelled and he was left with the materials.


2 Investigators: Phones Used To Break Into Bank Accounts

Crooks are now stealing phone numbers in order to drain accounts.


Utility Board Pushes For Consumer Protections For Alternate Energy

A consumer advocacy group is pushing a proposal to protect customers shopping for alternative electric and gas companies.


Two More Men Sue Over Wrongful Murder Convictions

A Chicago police detective has been accused of framing people for murder.


2 Investigators: More Ticket Complaints For Broker

He thought he was getting a special deal for Cubs tickets. But now a suburban man is crying foul.


Ticket Troubles Solved By 2 Investigators

A state legislator is now calling today for tougher regulation of online ticket brokers.


2 Investigators: Video Shows DoorDash Driver Swipe Amazon Package

The CBS 2 Investigators have video of a food delivery driver dropping off a meal, then walking off with a package. The victim said no one would help, until CBS 2’s Dave Savini got involved.


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