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GROBBER’S NFL WEEK 11 PICKS:  ===========================  NY Jets over DENVER(Thur Night) BALTIMORE over Cincinnati  Jacksonville over CLEVELAND  MIAMI over Buffalo  Dallas over WASHINGTON  SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona  Seattle over ST.LOUIS  Tennessee over ATLANTA  NY GIANTS […]

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GROBBER—November 15,2011

  GROBBER—November 15,2011   =======================   So now Jerry Sandusky goes on NBC’s Rock Center with Bob Costas and admits he was in the shower hugging young kids,and touched their legs,but says he did nothing […]

670 The Score–11/15/2011

The Lion(s)Sleep Tonight! Bears blow out chippy Detroit.

GROBBER’S MONDAY RANTS—November 14,2011 Two teams that do not like each other duked it out and this was no contest. The Bears used six Detroit turnovers,and got yet another punt return for a TD by […]

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GROBBER’S NFL WEEK TEN PICKS ============================= Oakland over SAN DIEGO (Thur Night) ATLANTA over New Orleans Tennessee over CAROLINA CINCINNATI over Pittsburgh St.Louis over CLEVELAND Buffalo over DALLAS Jacksonville over INDIANAPOLIS KANSAS CITY over Denver […]

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  GROBBER—Nov 10,2011 ===================   PATERNO JOINS OTHER BIG NAMES WHO WERE FIRED IN DISGRACE!   ————————————————————————————————- ***And so the the Joe Paterno era at Penn State is history and it ended in a bad […]

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GROBBER—Nov 8,2011—JoePa on the way out?

GROBBER—Nov 8,2011 ================== ***Having had several chances to meet,and interview Joe Paterno over the years, it’s disapointing that a percieved(got to say that until things are completely proved)scum bag like Jerry Sandusky is bringing JoePa […]

670 The Score–11/09/2011

Bears beat Eagles in Philly

PHILADELPHIA—***The Bears are now 2-0 at Lincoln Financial Field,having also won here in 2007. The Bears now lead the Eagles lifetime 30-12-1 including three Playoff Games of which Philadelphia leads 2-1,the Bears lone win was […]

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PHILADELPHIA—***Tonight’s the 41st ever meeting(Regular Season and Playoffs)between the Bears and Philadelphia Eagles. The Bears knocked off the Eagles 31-26 last November at Soldier Field. The last time these two teams met at Lincoln Financial […]

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GROBBER’S FRIDAY THOUGHTS—Nov 4,2011 =================================== NFL Picks Week 9 San Francisco over WASHINGTON BUFFALO over NY Jets NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay KANSAS CITY over Miami DALLAS over Seattle HOUSTON over Cleveland Atlanta over INDIANAPOLIS […]

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GROBBER—Nov 3,2011

  GROBBER—Nov 3,2011   ==================   ***No shock in that Theo Epstein wasted little time after Tuesday’s news conference to dismiss Mike Quade as Manager. Quade will not be retained in the Cub organization. He […]


GROBBER—Nove 2,2011

  GROBBER—Nove 2,2011   ===================   ***So what did you think of the Cubs News Conference in which Theo Epstein jamed Jed Hoyer as general manager, and Jason McLeod as Assistant GM. Did you get […]

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GROBBER—Nov 1,2011

GROBBER—Nov 1,2011 ================== ***I don’t have any idea what the Cubs will announce today when they introduce a new General Manager and Asst GM at 3pm(The Score will carry that News Conference live),but I am […]

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body GROBBER’S WEEK EIGHT NFL PICKS ============================= BALTIMORE over Arizona New Orleans over ST.LOUIS BUFFALO over Washington TENNESSEE over Indianapolis NY GIANTS over Miami HOUSTON over Jacksonville New England over PITTSBURGH SAN FRANCISCO over Cleveland […]

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GROBBER—Oct 27,2011

GROBBER—Oct 27,2011 =================== ***They likely could have played game six of the World Series last night in St.Louis,but Bud Selig didn’t want to take a chance and have both the Rangers and Cardinals to lose […]

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GROBBER—Oct 25,2011

GROBBER—Oct 25,2011 =================== ***Is it me,or are there more crummy NFL games this season than in recent memory? That Jacksonville 12-7 win over Baltimore was horrible Monday night. The Jaguars won by kicking four field […]

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***Les Grobstein 10/24/2011***

Other than this years game being for real, other differences from 25 years ago included the English Fans understanding the NFL game more than they did then, and the Bears spent an entire week in England then as

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Les Grobstein Show – 10/21/11 *NFL PICKS*

Les’ picks! Take a gander…but dont bank on them!

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Bud Selig

Les Grobstein Show – 10/20/11 *UPDATE*

Bud Selig, World Series Game 1, Bears traveling to London. Lots to talk about and read about in tonight’s blog by Les.

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Les Grobstein Show – 10/19/11

Cutler/Martz/Harris drama! Wow…click and read Les.

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Les Grobstein Show – 10/17/11 *MONDAY RANTS*

Bears win. Cards are in. Click to read Les’ thoughts!

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