Bernstein: Celebrate Kris Bryant, Then Settle InThe experts believe Bryant will be a difference-maker, if not a star, immediately.
Baseball Prospectus Rates Addison Rusell As No. 2 Prospect, While Kris Bryant Is No. 5The Cubs boast four of the game's top 38 prospects, according to BP.
The Bernstein Brief: PECOTA 2015 Has ArrivedThe Cubs are projected for 82 wins, while the White Sox are tabbed for 78.
Lindholm: Who's The Real Starlin Castro?After a disappointing 2013 season, 2014 looms large for Starlin Castro.
Bernstein: I'm Done With The Hall Of FameThere’s fatigue, and then there’s whatever it is that’s past that, where it’s all just gray and endless, stretching out forever and meaning nothing.
Bernstein: What's Wrong With Starlin Castro?It doesn’t take any kind of experienced scout to see outs being made, or any kind of analytical wizard to see month-by-month batting numbers sliding into frightening territory.
Baffoe: Getting To Know The Cubs’ Newest CallupsThe weekend ended with the Chicago Cubs surprising many fans by calling up prospects Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters without much warning. Jackson started in center field and went 2-4 in his MLB debut, while Vitters pinch-hit in the seventh inning, flying out to right.
Bernstein: OK White Sox, Now Don't Blow ThisThe White Sox are no longer a cute little story, and that’s a good thing.
Bernstein: Liriano Worth A ShotWhite Sox fans can be excused for an initially negative reaction to hearing that the Twins’ Francisco Liriano had been acquired late last night for utility man Eduardo Escobar and minor-league starter Pedro Hernandez.
Bernstein: I Hate The HeatThis hellacious, Saharan furnace attacking Chicago has roasted any attempt to crystallize a compelling thought about sports, turning them into some kind of burned, twisted, pointless gristle.
Bernstein: Will Cubs' Streak Make Ricketts Stupid?When Ricketts and his siblings took over the Cubs, he knew he needed to make significant changes to the baseball business, and he was not shy about telling people close to him about his plans.
Bernstein: Watching The Sox Is TortureI wish I knew which train was carrying the dirty bomb. Trust me, I’d have told you. Nuclear launch codes? Sure. Um…Tango, Echo, five, seven, Foxtrot, seven, niner? No? Can I try again?

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