Bath Salts

City Council Chambers

City Council Approves Tax Refund Seizures, Bath Salts Ban

City revenue collectors can now take your state income tax refund if you aren’t paying your parking tickets, now that the City Council has approved the plan.

CBS Chicago–02/15/2012

Synthetic Drugs

Police Raid Lombard Smoke Shop Selling Fake Pot, Bath Salts

Police raided a smoke shop near Lombard and arrested the owners this week, after they were found to be selling synthetic pot and bath salts.

CBS Chicago–01/13/2012

Bath Salts

Indiana Woman Causes Multiple Accidents While High On ‘Bath Salts’

“Bath salts” are being blamed for an Indiana woman’s misadventure on the roads this week that ended with a crash into a Boulder and several police squad cars.

CBS Chicago–08/24/2011

Photo Of Stun Gun (AP Photo)

Merrillville Police Officer Shot With Own Stun Gun

A Merrillville police officer was attacked with a department-issued stun gun while he and other officers were responding to a 911 call earlier this week.

CBS Chicago–07/21/2011

Bath Salts

Study: Synthetic Drugs Can Have Severe Consequences

Synthetic substances on the market mimic the effects of marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs, often selling for as little as $10.

CBS Chicago–04/06/2011

Bath Salts

Officials Worried By Dangerous ‘Bath Salts’ Drugs

A dangerous club drug is pushing getting high to a whole new level. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

CBS 2–03/09/2011