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Benefits Of Back-To-School Sales

How can back-to-school sales benefit you? Let me count the ways! Just because you might not have a child or a kid heading off to college doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all the great deals that are out there.



Best Places To Help You Get Organized

Now that you’ve tossed out or donated your junk that was taking up your living space, it’s time to organize what’s left. It might be closet space, the garage, the basement, or your child’s play room. Whatever area it is, it’s important that things have a designated spot, because it helps reduce the clutter from building up again.


Tissue boxes like this one sold at Bed Bath and Beyond contain low levels of radioactive material.

Radioactive Tissue Box Holders No Threat To Health, Agency Says

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency says there is “no immediate threat” posed by decorative tissue box holders sold by Bed, Bath and Beyond that are contaminated with low-levels of radioactive material.


Outdoor candles use fuel gels (AP Photo).

Fuel Gel Product Pulled From Store Shelves After Reported Injuries

A fuel gel product has been pulled from store shelves after at least 23 burn injures were reported nationwide.