Gasoline pump. (Credit: Miguel Gutierrez/Getty Images)

Tanker Driver Swipes $8,000 Worth Of Gasoline From Indiana Station

Thieves are getting creative in northwest Indiana, stealing nearly 2,500 gallons of fuel from three gas stations.


Bad Gas

Class Action Lawsuit Planned In BP Bad Gas Crisis

Drivers whose vehicles have been affected by bad gas from BP are threatening to take action.

CBS Chicago–08/24/2012

Gasoline pump. (Credit: Miguel Gutierrez/Getty Images)

BP Halts Sales Of Midgrade, Premium Fuel In Chicago Area

BP said Thursday it has fixed the problem that forced a recall of fuel in Northwest Indiana, the Chicago area, and the Milwaukee area, but has halted sales of premium and midgrade gas in those areas.

CBS Chicago–08/23/2012

Whiting Refinery

Indiana Attorney General Probes Bad Gas Crisis At BP

The Indiana Attorney General has opened an investigation into BP’s handling of the bad gasoline produced at its Whiting, Ind., refinery and its dealings with motorists whose vehicles were affected.

WBBM Newsradio–08/23/2012

BP Station

More Bad Gas Nightmares Flooding BP

Another torrent of complaints are expected to cascade into the petroleum giant BP – in the wake of a bad batch of gas that was sold in at least three states.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2012

Bad Gas

BP Recalls 2 Million Gallons Of Gasoline Distributed From Northwest Indiana

Mechanical problems could be caused by unleaded regular gasoline that came from the company’s Whiting, Ind. facility between Aug. 13 and 17.

CBS Chicago–08/20/2012

BP Station

Report: BP Executive Predicts Further Drop In Gas Prices

The good news keeps coming when it comes to gas prices.

CBS Chicago–06/27/2012

Whiting Refinery

2 Dead Monkeys Found In Shipment To Whiting, Ind., BP Refinery

Workers at the BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., were shocked to find two dead monkeys in a shipping crate Wednesday.

CBS Chicago–06/07/2012

Whiting Refinery

BP Settles With Environmental Groups Over Whiting, Ind., Refinery

Plaintiffs who sued BP over its refinery in Whiting, Ind., say a $400 million settlement will improve the health of people who live near the plant.

CBS Chicago–05/24/2012

Gas Money.  (CBS)

Suburban Mayor: Don’t Buy Gasoline In My Town

Don’t buy gasoline in my town. That’s the message from the mayor of New Lenox.


Gasoline pump. (Credit: Miguel Gutierrez/Getty Images)

Gas Prices May Drop To $3.50 A Gallon

There’s one positive side to the turmoil in the financial markets. Experts say gas prices should continue dropping for the next 90 days or so.


BP Station

Gas Station Adds Improper Fee For Small Credit Card Purchases

Gasoline prices are at record levels in Chicago, and now some drivers are being charged extra just for using a credit card.

CBS Chicago–05/06/2011

Mayor Richard Daley addresses the National Fraternal Congress Septemeber 9, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Daley announced September 8, that he would not seek reelection as mayor, a post he has held since 1989.   (credit: John Gress/Getty Images)

News Year-In-Review For 2010

It was an exciting year for the Nation and Chicago. Take a look at some of the best and worst memories as we say goodbye to 2010.