Brad Childress

Brett Favre

Bernstein: To Hell With Brett Favre

He turned a loyal fandom against itself, just because he could.

670 The Score–02/07/2011

Joe Webb

Bears Could Face Another Rookie QB

Some things this season have just gone the Bears’ way. They’ve been able to stay healthy, and have faced some teams that are dealing with injuries to key positions. You can add the Minnesota Vikings to that list.

670 The Score–12/17/2010

Brett Favre

Bears Preparing For Sinking Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have had a rough season. While their hopes for the playoffs were slim before last week’s game, the Vikings are know looked at in a much different way.

670 The Score–12/15/2010

Brett Favre, Jay Cutler

Harris: Does Brett Favre Regret Coming Back This Year?

The Vikings loss to the Bears made them 3-6, but the loss wasn’t the only story. Brett Favre addressed the media after the game talking about his decision to come back this year. Did he regret his decision?

670 The Score–11/15/2010

Brett Favre

Bernstein: Rogue Favre Dangerous, But Exploitable

In an ironic twist last week, Brett Favre may have extended the coaching career of Brad Childress by ignoring him. The Vikings’ coach lived to work another week because of his own irrelevance.

670 The Score–11/12/2010

Earl Bennett

Crucial Game For Both Bears and Vikings

The Vikings are fighting to get back into the NFC North race while the Bears have a chance to tie the Packers for the lead. Both teams have a lot to gain from Sunday’s game.


Brad Childress

Vikings’ Announcer: Childress Not To Blame For 3-5 Start

“Lack of execution and stupid interceptions have been the biggest problems with the 3-5 start, not the head coach,” Allen said.

670 The Score–11/11/2010