Can You Dig It

Backyard Pond

The Beauty Of A Backyard Pond

Looking to make a tasteful and beautiful addition to your garden? How about a pond?

CBS Chicago–09/08/2011


Deadheading To Keep Your Garden Healthy

You always want your plants to look bright and healthy, but sometimes they look a bit brown, and that’s when it’s time to deadhead.

CBS Chicago–09/01/2011


Can You Dig It: Watering Your Garden

When it comes to watering, you just can’t take it for granted – especially in the garden.

CBS 2–08/12/2011


Can You Dig It: The Wonder Of Bees

Bees are one of the most important creatures in nature; without them, flowers wouldn’t get pollinated and many plants would die out.

CBS 2–08/04/2011

Annuals And Perennials

Can You Dig It: Annuals And Perennials For Your Garden

So you want to get your garden going, but you’re not sure what to plant. First, you have to learn a key lesson.

CBS 2–07/28/2011