A car is stranded in the middle of a downtown street after being overcome by floodwater in Des Plaines. (Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Buyer Beware: Flood-Damaged Cars Showing Up In Want Ads, Craigslist

The Chicago Automobile Trade Association, the Chicago area’s major new-car dealer group and sponsor of the Chicago Auto Show, has issued an alert to its members warning of the flood of damaged cars likely to be brought in.


Photo Of Crime Scene Tape (John Li/Getty Images)

Leave Your Car Unlocked, You’ll Be Put On Notice

Police in one southwest suburb plan to stick a lot of paper on the windshields of cars this Spring. They’re not tickets however. As CBS2’s Mike Parker reports they are messages intended to fight crime.


2013 Honda CR-V

Ed’s Driveway: Top Cars Of 2012

On Saturday morning we always kick some tires, whether you are looking for, or dreaming about, a new car.


The BMW M5. (Credit: CBS)

Ed’s Driveway: BMW M5

Saturday morning is a great time to look at cars. If you like a powerful car with outstanding handling, then you’ll love this week’s ride, the BMW M5.


Survey Finds Senior Citizens Driving Wrong Cars

Nearly 90 percent of senior citizens are driving a car that doesn’t fit their aging needs.


Expressway Traffic

Village Of Skokie Asks Residents To Leave Cars At Home

The Village of Skokie is asking residents to leave the car at home this Friday.

WBBM Newsradio–09/21/2012

"I got this car for the economic value."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Glenn At The Harold Washington Cultural Center

“It’s a mature car owned by a mature person.” – Glenn and his Kia Forte


Metra locomotive (CBS File Photo)

Report: Many Suburbs Are Hospitable For Commuters Without Cars

A new report says many suburbs are transit-friendly – that is, hospitable for those who are not traveling with a car.

CBS Chicago–07/26/2012

“I love to blast my music as I’m driving.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Will At Cellular Field

“Every time I get into my car I feel like tonight’s going to be a good night.” – Will and his Chevy Malibu


"Motorcycles calm me."


“I will always have this bike until it just dies or somebody destroys it.” – Justin and his Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle.


"The music blasting actually sounds pretty good in here."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nialanjan At Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

“Everyone always says that they feel like they’re in a spaceship when they drive in it.” – Nialanjan and his Toyota Sienna.


"The ride is just out of this world."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Hervetta At The Hyatt

“There is something so great about coming down to Chicago in a convertible.” – Hervetta and her Mercedes.


“I hope I will be driving this one for a long time. It’s a great car.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jackie At Garfield Park

“People feel like it’s a store. There are so many things in it. You can shop in it.” – Jackie and her Honda CRV


"I wasn't looking for anything fancy, to be honest."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Elliot At Reggie’s Music Joint

“I don’t care who’s looking at me. If I feel like dancing, I dance.” – Elliot and his Chevy Cavalier


"We do allow people to eat and drink in the car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alexis At Wabash Tap

“This is my baby. I love this car.” – Alexis and her Buick Regal


"Some areas of the city you can just park on the street for free."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church

“I swear, I’m not a bad driver! I just struggled for awhile to get the hang of it.” – Chris and his Honda Accord


"I'm glad I went to a car auction."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Victoria At Solider Field

“This was my dream car. I always knew one day I would buy it.” – Victoria and her Pontiac Bonneville


"Even though I’m always in my car, it’s surprisingly really good on gas. "

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cory At The South Shore Cultural Center

“When you buy a car, make sure it has all the features that you desire.” – Cory and his Dodge Neon


An ordinance in the city of Chicago makes it illegal for cars to have tinted windows on the front driver's side and front passenger's side, even though state law allows some tinting of those windows, as long as the driver can see through them. (Credit: CBS)

Court Battle Brews Over Tinted Car Window Laws

A warning to residents, commuters, visitors, and even those just passing through Chicago: A popular decoration for your car could net you a $250 fine.

CBS 2–04/04/2012

"I listen to country music when there is a lot of traffic. It's calming."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Carol At Leona’s Restaurant

“I’m not an aggressive driver. I’m just impatient!” – Carol and her Dodge Charger