Chris Rongey

Matt Thornton

Rongey: Breathe Normally

We’re 6% of the way through the White Sox season. Ten games in and a record of 6 and 4.

670 The Score–04/12/2011

Matt Thornton

Nothing Changes For Thornton

After going most of spring training battling with Chris Sale to be the Chicago White Sox’s closer, Matt Thornton got the official nod from manager Ozzie Guillen. But it’s business as usual for Thornton, even after the announcement.

670 The Score–03/23/2011

Jake Peavy

Rongey: …Or Maybe Not

Just yesterday, Jake Peavy’s progress continued to be encouraging.

670 The Score–03/20/2011

White Sox

Rongey: Sox (Fantasy) Camp, Sniffing For Championship

And that’s as close as we would get. Because of camp format, we were somehow still able to play for a chance to be in the championship game on Sunday, even though we had only won one game.


White Sox

Rongey: Sox (Fantasy) Camp, Day Three

Holy crap, we won a game

There was a strong chance the OBI’s were going to finish the first 3 days without a single win, but after starting 0-5, everything fell into place in the second game of the day.


White Sox

Rongey: Sox (Fantasy) Camp, Day Two

Almost took Donn Pall deep

OK, it’s not nearly as impressive as it sounds, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure it would be that impressive if it was exactly as it sounds. Made my best contact of the camp today when I hit one to the warning track in left center. True warning track power with a composite bat. I’m awesome.


White Sox

Rongey: Sox (Fantasy) Camp, Day One

Coming back for a second year is like coming back to school after summer break, except you’re off for 11 3/4 months and you’d much rather be in school (camp) than be on break (real world).

670 The Score–01/13/2011