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Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his own report card on his first 100 days in office on Aug. 22, 2011. (Credit: CBS)

Emanuel: First 100 Days ‘Just The Beginning … Not Perfection’

Mayor Rahm Emanuel touted a number of accomplishments he’s made in his first 100 days in office, but said those successes were just a “down payment” on his campaign promises to overhaul city government.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2011

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Credit: City of Chicago)

Emanuel Reaffirms Opposition To Raising Taxes For City Budget

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is reaffirming his opposition to raising taxes to close the City of Chicago’s $635.7 million budget shortfall.

CBS Chicago–08/11/2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Economic Worries Might Complicate City Budget Woes

Questions about the economy constitute a new threat to Chicago’s already shaky financial picture. As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been working on the city’s 2012 budget, trying to figure out how to eliminate a $600 million deficit.

CBS 2–08/09/2011

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Credit: City of Chicago)

Emanuel Encourages Chicagoans To Weigh In On Budget

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is encouraging Chicago residents to go online and give their ideas for how the city could save money.

WBBM Newsradio–08/05/2011

After Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011, the city asked residents to go to the city website to submit ideas on how to balance the city's budget for 2012. (Photo credit:

Mayor Calls Some Who Posted Budget Ideas On City Website

Mayor Rahm Emanuel asked for Chicago residents’ help in coming up with ways to balance the budget and the people have responded. More than 2,000 people have posted ideas on the city’s website. CBS 2 has learned that the mayor has now begun reaching out to those offering the most promising ideas.

CBS 2–08/04/2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced on June 29, 2011, that Walgreens would bring 600 new jobs to Chicago over the next two years, but at the same time he was threatening 625 city layoffs if labor unions didn't agree to cost saving measures. (Credit: CBS)

Emanuel Backing Off On Threat To Cut 625 Jobs

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has backed off on a threat to lay off 625 city workers earlier this week, instead going ahead with $20 million in budget cuts that don’t affect union jobs.

CBS Chicago–07/01/2011

Rahm Emanuel discusses ways to cut the city budget by $75 million.  (Credit: Craig Dellimore/Newsradio 780)

Emanuel Unveils Major Budget Cut On First Full Day

On his first full day in office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is already tackling the top items on his agenda – including big budget cuts.

CBS Chicago–05/17/2011

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel (left); Ald. Ed Burke (CBS)

Emanuel, Burke Bury Hatchet Amid City Budget Deficit

Call off the Clash of the Titans. Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and a potential enemy, powerful Ald. Ed Burke, had a private meeting and called a truce as the city budget continues to gush red ink.


Laurence Msall

Civic Federation President: City Is Near Insolvency

The head of the government watchdog group the Civic Federation says the Chicago City Council is going to have to show some strength if Chicago is to truly bring its budget under control.

WBBM Newsradio–04/22/2011

Mayor Richard M. Daley (left), Chief Financial Offficer Gene Saffold (center) and Budget Director Gene Munin (right) discuss improving revenues. (Credit: Craig Dellimore/WBBM)

Daley: City’s Financial Health Improving

Mayor Richard M. Daley said Thursday that the prognosis for the city’s financial health is looking better than expected.

CBS Chicago–04/14/2011


Aldermen Want $1 Cab Surcharge To Help Budget

Chicago taxicab riders would pay a $1-a-ride surcharge, but the $70 million raised from the fee would go to the city budget, under a surprise plan proposed Wednesday by a pair of influential aldermen.


Chicago Firetruck, generic sized image

Fire Commissioner Says No Way To Cutting Fire Crews

Aldermen back him up in slamming Inspector General’s report on possible budget cuts.

WBBM Newsradio–10/27/2010