Clown At Rosehill Cemetery

2 Investigators: Creepy Clown Trespasses At Chicago Cemetery, In Dead Of Night

One Chicago couple’s unnerving encounter may not be an isolated incident. CBS 2’s Dave Savini reports.


Two people audition to be clowns for the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus at tryouts in Chicago on Aug. 29, 2012. (Credit: CBS)

Clown Hopefuls Audition For Ringling Bros. In Chicago

Did you ever dream of running away and joining circus? Thirty people in Chicago tried to make that dream come true on Wednesday.

CBS Chicago–08/29/2012

Never. Get. Married. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Horrible Horoscopes

Mason Johnson knows nothing about horoscopes or astrology. Seriously. When he was six, his mom thought it was funny to make him stick his head out the car window and scream, “What’s your sign?” at women walking by. That is the extent of his experience. Also, Mason is an Aquarius… ladies.


Juggling Clown

Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus To Audition For Clowns In Chicago

With unemployment running north of eight percent, one rather unconventional employer says it has openings for the right people.

WBBM Newsradio–08/09/2012


ClownBloq To Media: The Joke Is On You

The Clown Bloq – a protest group that claimed it would dress in clown makeup and throw pies as political opponents during the NATO Summit – now says it was all a hoax from the beginning and was designed to con the media.

CBS Chicago–05/19/2012


Clowns Plan To Protest During NATO Summit

A group of clowns plans on taking part in protests in Chicago during this weekend’s NATO Summit.

CBS Chicago–05/16/2012

Juggling Clown

Israeli Entertainer: Hospitals Should Have Clowns

An Israeli medical professional is in Chicago, teaching hospitals here what he does. But he attended clown college rather than medical school.

WBBM Newsradio–01/27/2011